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This week has been quite a challenge for me. While am loving Shimelle’s class and truly enjoying all aspects of it, this week’s photo prompts threw me for a loop. Monday we were asked to answer some questions that would help us identify our “photo zone”–that place/subject/camera/environment in which we are comfortable shooting; the place that helps us reset our ‘photo button’ when things get mundane, boring. I didn’t even know I had one. But after much prompting by Dear Knight I think I’ve identified my personal “photography zone”: our own backyard. More specifically, the garden area on one side of our house. I have four raised beds. One with veggies, one with herbs, one with strawberries and one that started as a science experiment but has become my favorite; it is filled with wildflowers that bloom with abandon. I sit on the bench and just look at the flowers. I hunt through the herbs and blossoms for praying mantids. I let my thyme and marjoram get unruly because the bees love them. I am consistently drawn to this part of our yard with my camera in hand. I have folders upon folders of photos of the flowers, bees, grasshoppers other critters that visit this space. This is my zone.

Here is the LO I made using my two favorite photo’s from this weeks prompts. I am really pleased with the outcome. Even my husband thought it was the best LO I’ve ever done! The only thing I am not pleased with is how the LO itself photographs. I just can’t seem to get the lighting right. It really is more vibrant that the picture shows. The pinky-red of the title completely mirrors the pinky-red of the ribbon trim and they are BRIGHT! And I LOVE that ribbon…it’s the “Lovely” ribbon from the Dear Lizzy line. I know I’ll be using it quite a bit!


Today’s prompt from Shimelle is all about groupings of three! And we all know that 3 is a magic number, especially in photography (think “rule of three’s”). Here is just one example of my take on this prompt:

Let me know what you think!


Well…not really. But a very awesome online class taught by the very awesome Shimelle starts today! I’ve already completed the two challenges for today so I’m not behind…yet! The next 4 weeks promise to be very fun!

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Gratitude list from Easter Sunday, 4/4/2101:

#319  He is risen…He has risen indeed!

#320 Celebrating 18 years of married life with the love of my life!

#321 Little girls in brightly colored Easter dresses.

#322 Much missed son home from Mexico.

#323 Sleeping boy–exhausted after a full week of serving.

#324 Lives changed from helping others–a new home for Remedios and her three children–built by teenagers in 4 days.

#325  Believers gathered together joyfully worshipping our risen Saviour.

#326 Worshipping with best friends 2 Sundays in a row!!!

#327  Lilacs blooming in time for an Easter bouquet.

#328  Easter dinner with family and friends-old and new.

#329  19 gathered together (young and old)-heads bowed in prayer thanking God for His Son and His abundant provision.

#330  Ham. potatoes & asparagus–yes, it is spring!

#331  Food  brought by friends–new tastes, new favorites.

#332  The hands that formed  the bread, poured the jello, tore the lettuce, chopped the broccoli, and made the cookies.

#333 Angry, impatient actions made clean by repentance and the sweet peace of forgiveness–friends again.

#334  Simple white flowers adding beauty to a table.

#335 Brightly wrapped baskets left on the doorstep–filled with sweet treats from thoughtful grandparents.

#336 Little girls squealing with delight over searched for baskets.

#337 Vintage teacup–an Easter tradition.

#338 Grandma’s china gracing the table.

#339 Dishes in the sink~pots yet to be scrubbed~remnants of a feast shared with loved ones.

#340 Bird song in the morning.

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