mother hen1.

Teaching your own children is a delight and sometimes it is excruciatingly painful . It is a delight when you get to see their eyes light up as they finally grasp a concept. It is painful when you realize you have spent the last week, month, semester, year attempting to teach something that your child is just not ready to learn (this is usually accompanied by much tears and heartache–on the part of child and mommy). We experienced both facets of homeschooling this week. For months Mimi has HATED math! Every time I brought out the math book she cringed. Whenever we started to work on math facts she ended up in tears. Yet, I pushed on, sure that she was just stubborn; convinced that she just wanted to do something more fun. After all, how hard are basic math facts? She had been doing them for months! Deep down inside me I felt like we should back-off, take it easy, slow down. Unfortunately, my children have be given a Mother Hen who does not like to give in to anything. If the schedule says we are to do math facts then math facts it will be! Fortunately, however, this Mother Hen also has some very wise friends. At a recent meeting of my Classical HS group Magistra-Sheri related an incindent in her youngest daughter’s early struggle with math. It sounded remarkably like Mimi’s struggle. You know what Magistra-Sheri did? She backed-off, took it easy, slowed down. She waited for a while and when her daughter was ready they reintroduce the “dreaded” math and it worked…no more tears, no more fear! Well, Mother-Hen FINALLY listened to that still, small voice (thank-you Sheri). We have switched gears in math and Mimi couldn’t be happier. We are now focusing on learning to tell time, count money and skip count. She feels great about it and there are no more tears. Her eyes light up when she looks at the clock in our family room. She KNOWS what time it is ( and she LOVES to announce it to everyone–frequently)! This has been an awesome week in the life of Mimi. She proudly told her Daddy-man last night at dinner: “I sure have accomplished a lot this week: I can tell time, I learned to pump my legs on the swing, and I learned to play golf!!” And Mother-Hen accomplished something this week, also. She learned that it is O.K. to back-off, take it easy and slow down. Life does not come not come to a screeching halt if the schedule is not adhered to completely. In fact life becomes so much sweeter! “Shout for joy to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to Him glorious praise! Say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!'” –Psalm 66:1-3a