We have been homeschooling for almost five years. When we started The Boy was eager as was Mother Hen. We couldn’t wait to make new discoveries every day. We LOVED learning at home! Quite a bit has happened since that first day in September 2000. We have added two more chicks to the school roster. We sold a home, bought a home and had a baby (in a whirlwind two week period). And we got lost along the way. What I mean is we lost our joy. School became a drudgery, a very painful drudgery. We weren’t having fun anymore. The chicks grumbled. Mother Hen grumbled. The Daddy-man grumbled becasue we grumbled…which made the chicks grumble some more…ackk…what a vicious cycle. This was not what I envisioned for our homeschool. In the early days I pictured Daddy-man coming home at the end of a long day only to find yours truly in the garden (wearing a floppy hat and flowing dress) surrounded by smiling faced cherubs. We would greet the Daddy-man with a smile and a kiss and stories of how beautiful our day was; how much we had learned reading together in the shade of our trees. Segue to reality…Daddy-man tripping over toys, shoes, and mountains of laundry just trying to get in the door. Children crying and fighting with each other and yours truly yelling like a drill-sargeant from the kitchen ( wearing holey jeans and stained t-shirt) for everyone to HURRY -UP and pick-up BEFORE Daddy gets home…and I mean NOW!!! No stories of what we learned just stories of how much we didn’t do because “he did this and she did that…so there!” Oh my! How did we get to this place…I really don’t like it…not one bit!! So…I have determined to get back the eagernes, the joy in our days…we really NEED some fun. I am hoping that some changes will help. We are loosening some of the structure of our days while still getting the basics done. I am trying to read aloud more (not easy as Tink takes my voice as her cue to talk REALLY LOUDLY) and get us outside more often. I am trying to allow the chicks to explore activities that are important to them (not easy becasue if it doesn’t look like school is it really school?). I want to foster a passion in my childrens’ lives. I want them to lean more on the Lord and less on a schedule for the order of their days. I want them to be EAGER for learning and joyful as we learn together! I wish I could start our homeschooling journey over again…but I can not…so I must endeavor to make all things new again…I can not do this alone…fortunately, I don’t have to. There is Someone with me all the time…I can hardly wait! “and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” Matthew 1:23b

first  posted April 26,  2005