Last week was our “official” spring break week. However, here in Northern California, the week started out with rain, rain, and more rain. So, we (Daddy-man and I) thought that we would postpone our week off until this week as it was forecast to be nicer weather. We diligently did “school” albeit abreviated–just history and science read-alouds–and eagerly anticipated the fun we would have on our “vacation”. Trips to the zoo were dreamed of, nature hikes planned, drives to the country plotted out. Hah!! oh we of so much faith–in our local weather forecasters, that is–Sunday started out overcast and windy–and that was just outdoors. Indoors we were in the beginning stages of a flu-type bug–only we did not know it yet! Off to Easter Sunday service with our little clutch of chicks…by the time the service was nearly through I knew Mimi was in the grip of something not altogether pleasant. Her flushed cheeks and complaints of being cold–in a very warm sanctuary–prompted me to rush her to the car, two sisters in tow, where we were soon joined by the men…the younger of the two also showing signs of SOMETHING. What ensued the rest of the day was just that…rest. Two children napping on the sofa, fighting stomach aches and high fevers…two children trying to be quiet…Two adults hoping that the illness claims only two victims. Oh we are SO simple…Monday morning arrives…two sick children on the mend…now Big Sis’ has it…BAD! Oh, did I mention that our helpful weather forecasters predicted a tremendous storm with rain for the next two days!! The rain did not come until Monday night but, alas, our plans for the week already looked unlikely to commence. This morning the rain continued as did the tummy and head aches and the restlessness of being in the house for yet another soggy day. Yet, even in this deluge of sickness and rain I hear a still small voice telling me that God’s hand is in all things. He knew what my week was going to be like. Yes, He allowed it to be this way; He planned it this way. And I know, too, that like the rain my children’s sickness will pass and we will be able to plan and play once again. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”–Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)