Ah, the first taste of summer today…swimming at a friend’s house for 3 hours. LaLa, Mimi, ink and Babycakes enjoyed themselves immensely! It was Babycakes first foray into the world of swimming and she LOVED i t! She showed no fear as she jumped in, reaching for the “noodle”, kicking her feet and turning her little body toward the pool’s edge just to haul herself out to start all over again! And Tink did great given her memory of her near drowning accident a few years back…both little one’s wore their life vests and weren’t hampered by them in the least. Laughs and smiles were the rule of the day! It was good to see them having fun in the sun! Mimi and Lala were just happy being able to swim with two of their friends from our local homeschool group..and best of all they live just down the street!

I’ll try to post a couple of pic’s soon.

Coram Deo,