This morning, Babycakes, Daddy-man and I spent a few precious moments in the back yard chasing bubbles…this in itself is not such a remarkable thing but, you see, for the last week we haven’t been able to go outside for all the smoke in the air…California is burning!  Over 1000  lighning caused wildfires are burning throughout Northern California (there are a few in So. Cal but truly not nearly as many as in our neck of the woods).

Watching Babycakes chasing her bubbles was so soothing…there is something life giving in watching innocence in action…her whole body was just focused on catching those bubbles…her shrieks of delight each time she accomplished her goal were life sustaining to this tired momma’s heart…this little one…my last little one has rocked our world…most days she spends her time crying…this she has done since birth—we don’t know why.  there is no medical reason.  She is  just a very fussy, not easily comforted child.  Her constant crying has really gotten to all of us…we  have little patience for it and her most days…but then we have these windows of her that are just joyful…she has a hearty laugh that  grabs hold of her listeners and draws them in.  She can charm the socks off of you with her smile and oh-so-dear voice.   She loves climbing into laps to read a book or eat a meal and she loves to twirl and march with anyone who will follow…and still she cries. Alot. Everyday. For hours. Everyday.  But this morning it was just Babycakes, Daddy-man and me and a bottle of bubbles.  And I can still hear her laughter.

Coram Deo,  Lola