Well,after reading a list like this at HipHSMomma’s site I decided “Why not!’. Hope it amuses you and doesn’t seem too egotistical…
1. I am a native Californian
2. I have never surfed anything but the net
3. I do not ski (not even on water)
4. I like brussles sprouts
5. I like dunking my fries in Wendy’s Frosty’s
6. I love really toasted (almost burnt) marshmallows
7. I lived for 18 months in New Mexico when I was in High School
8. Pink is my favorite color (ok–you might have known that)
9. I can’t type
10.I hate writing—always have
11.I love split pea soup
12. I snort when I laugh
13. I sneeze in three’s
14. I married my one and only love
15. I call myself my dh ‘s “Trophy Wife”
16. I was born exactly 5 years and 364 days after my dh
17. I never thought of myself as the “mom-type”
18. I am the youngest of three kids
19. I accepted Jesus when I was 22
20. I never finished college (familial responsibilities got in the way)
21. All my children’s name’s start with the same letter
22. My best friend’s nickname for me is Bwana
23. I hated Les Mis’ (the book)
24. I love cookies
25. My hair was stick straight when I was young
26. My hair is very curly now
27. Each of my pregnancies has made my hair curlier
28. I hate being late (but I always am)
29. I love bulldogs
30. I used to run 3 miles a day 3-5x’s a week
31. I hate running
32. It really wasn’t running–just fast walking
33. I love roses
34. My favorite food is food
35. I like tea in the afternoon and evening but coffee in the am
36. I order tea from Murchie’s in Canada
37. I’ve always wanted to be a helicopter pilot
38. I hate the beach
39. I love the mountains
40. I’ve always wanted to live in Alaska or Montana or Victoria,BC
41. I like ice hockey
42. I like and understand football
43. I was working on my Anthropology degree in college
44. I declared Criminal Justice as my Minor in college
45. I had to take remedial math in college (ain’t the ps system in CA great) just to take a general ed.math class
46. I cannot memorize scripture no matter how hard I try (and I try!!)
47. I talk to myself…alot
48. I never thought I’d have 5 children
49. I like a Hazelnut creamer in my coffee
50. I hate sweetened tea
50. I chew ice but only when I’m pregnant
51. Fall is my favorite time of year
52. Spring comes in a close second
53. I cannot bake oatmeal cookies
54. Lately, I cannot bake anything
55. I don’t like jewelry
56. I sometimes forget to wear my wedding ring
57. I love old hymns
58. I hate math of any kind
59. I will talk to anybody
60. I talk way too much
61. My dining room is cranberry red
62. I like country music
63. I like Rock and Roll
64. I named 2 of my children for authors
65. I don’t do my nails
66. I get my hair cut every 5-6 weeks
67. I used to be an Estee Lauder girl at a local department store.
68. I can’t wear Estee Lauder cosmetics
69. Most perfumes give me headaches
70. I ran a 5k race in about 30 minutes
71. I know really stupid facts
72. No-one will play Trivial Pursuit with me (see #71)
73. I love “Keeping Up Appearances” on PBS
74. I want to visit England
75. I want to bicycle through Provence
76. I want to bicycle through Tuscany
77. I want to learn to draw
78. I want to learn to watercolor
79. I can hold my breath for almost a minute (well, at least I could as a kid)
80. I don’t like swimming (it’s a bathing suit thing)
81. I hate snakes
82. I hate spiders
83. I don’t care for night time TV
84. I love peppermint ice cream
85. Valentine’s Day and Easter are my favorite holidays
86. I wish I had not started this list
87.I am running out of things to tell you
88. I wish I could play the piano
89. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket
90. I wish I could sing
91. I don’t like dancing
92. I wear a size 11 running shoe
92. I love sunrises
93. I hate card games
94. I am not sentimental about much except my kids and my husband
95. I still have my first teddy bear
96. I don’t really care for my mother’s cooking
97. I was named for my great grand-mother, great-great aunt, grandmother and mother
98. I have a beagle
99. I never wanted a beagle
100. I love my beagle….Whew!
I’m sure that’s more than you ever wanted to know about me.

originally posted  3/6/06