OK, OK, I know it’s been a long time since my last entry but that is not to say I don’t have anything to be thankful for…on the contrary it is the very things that I’m thankful for that caused my self imposed hiatus…so here it goes:

4. family visiting for the holidays and beyond

5. a quick resolution by the other driver’s insurance company to a car accident

6. no injuries from the above mentioned car accident

7. the slow progression of my mother’s terminal illness

8. a doctor who finally was able to get my mom on oxygen

9. an 8 year old daughter not afraid to witness to her ailing, stubborn grandmother

10. my almost 13 year old son not afraid to scrub floors or do laundry because his mom physically can’t

11. big brother getting fussy baby to laugh…when no-one else can

12. 3 year old daughter singing “Rock of Ages” along with a Chris Rice CD
13. 8 year old daughter asking over and over to listen to “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and knowing the words

14. an alomost 13 year old son who still listens to “Jonathan Park” from Vision Forum
15. Vision Forum for producing the Jonathan Park CD’s

16. an 11 daughter who loves to bless our family with from scratch scones

17. an 11 year old daughter who loves to cook dinner especially when I can’t

18. an 8 year old daughter who delights in setting a beautiful table every day

19. best friends for my girls

20. a best friend for my son

21. a husband who knows a toaster in not a “good appliance” Christmas gift but that a pannini grill is

22. a husband that doesn’t get upset when he gets home from work and the house is a wreck, there’s no dinner waiting for him and the bambinos and his wife are crying …he loves us all anyways

23. an always cold husband who sits for hours in a freezing ice rink watching his only son play hockey…just like he did…because I can’t

24. a husband who does the dishes and gives the babies their baths so that my hands don’t crack and bleed from being in too much water all the time

25. having my family, my in-laws and my mom together for Christmas dinner for the first time in my married life

originally postedĀ  1/14/07