In keeping with this season of Thanksgiving I am following the lead of Ann V. at Listening and making a list of those things for which I am thankful. My goal is 1000, without repeating anything….I figure if I can think of 3 things each day then it will take me about 1 year to accomplish this goal. I intend to posts my list here as often as I can (the wee chick is still rather demanding of my limited time…and blogging just isn’t high on her list of priorities…yet!). And don’t look for any that are too personal in nature…I won’t be listing those…remember my websleuthing incident?

…Psalm 107:8
Let them give thanks to the Lord for His Lovingkindness And for His wonders to the sons of men!

Annyhoo…here are my first three:

1. A Merciful Savior who loves me, warts and all.

2. A godly husband who loves me, warts and all.

3. Healthy children, who love me, warts and all

Those are the easiest and most obvious things…I suspect as my list grows it will become more challenging not to repeat myself.
I hope this inspires you to start your own list. Leave a comment if it does and I’ll link to your blog so we can all be encouraged by one another.
Let’s start a revolution….a revolution of Thankfulness…what beter way to give glory and honor to the One from whom all blessings flow.

originally posted 11/8/06