Our younger selves
Six years and 7 months to the day after we met and started dating Dear Knight and I were married. It was a beautiful spring afternoon. The church was simply decorated with tiny american flags at the ends of the pews and a few balloons by the altar (Dear Knight paid for the entire wedding and as flowers were a luxury we made do with just bouquets and boutonnieres–no flower centerpieces at the reception and no flowers in the church). We took our vows before friends and family…the first church wedding on my side of the family in many, many years. We lit the unity candle and listened as close friends sang loving testimonies to the beauty that is a covenant marriage before our Lord. We exited the church as Mr. and Mrs. to the strains of Hail to the Chief only to be greeted in the reception hall by ethereal melodies played on the flute by a good friend (her gift to us). We ate and chatted, threw the bouquet and tossed the garter…all the standard wedding “activities”. And ultimately we hastened to leave within the three hour timeframe the church allowed us for both ceremony and reception and drove off the have the last few photos taken at the State Capital. The late afternoon sun was glorious with not a cloud in sight and flowers blooming everywhere (this made up for the lack of flowers at the church…we had only hoped the grounds at the Capital would be blooming and they were!).
And thus began our rather simple marriage…two people who loved one another, who had overcome a few obstacles and depended on God to smooth out the rough spots. He has been faithful to us to do just that…and now 15 years and 1 day, 5 children, 3 houses, and 5 job changes later we are still in love and still depending on God to smooth out our rough spots. I can only hope and pray that God will allow us at least another 15 years and 1 day…at least!

originally  posted 4/5/07