It’s another busy day, another busy day…we work to work and play to play. It’s another busy day….These words from a children’s song keep running through my mind. This is my mantra right now as I faithfully “plan” out what I’d like us all to accomplish. I list all school work, chores, meals to prepare and errands that need to be done. I post charts and lists and pithy little sayings all around our living areas and then I throw up my hands in exasperation. All bets are off…the phone starts ringing just as we sit down to read, the baby cries when we try to have a math lesson–or any lesson for that matter, the toddler decides to sing LOUDLY as we discuss history. the older kiddos argue over who is sitting where and who has what pencil! No sooner do I get everyone quiet and occupied then the door bell rings and we are back to square one. On top of all this the house is a mess; toys EVERYWHERE!! The clean laundry didn’t get dried so now it smells “off” and must be washed again and the rest of the mountains of laundry are spilling out of the laundry room into the hallway. The dishes didn’t get cleaned or the counters cleared…from last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast…and now it’s lunch time…who has time for lunch? Unfortunately the wee chicks don’t see it that way…they just want their tummies filled, NOW! Let’s have leftover’s …oh wait, we can’t ’cause the food from last night is still on the counters…of course the older chicks don’t know how the kitchen could have been left that way…it wasn’t their night for dishes! Arrgghh!!! Will this vicious circle never end?

originally posted 5/15/07