Well, it�s been another year in the life of Tink. Yesterday we celebrated her 4th birthday, and what a day it was…gifts in the morning before Daddy-man went to work, friends over in the afternoon for a time of play, and cake in the evening for a sweet ending to a special day.
When I look back over the many changes that our family has gone through during the past 4 years I marvel at God�s continuous faithfulness. We�ve sold a home, bought a home and had a new baby–Tink (in a whirlwind two week period), had a fifth child–Babycakes, had a job change, became parents to a teen, suffered through physical ailments and lived through a whole host of the never ending mundane. Yet God is faithful to us even when we aren�t faithful to Him…Amazing! Think about it…we are so important to Him that He never gives up on His chosen ones…oh! how grateful I am that He chose me before the world began.

originally  posted 8/7/07