There I was at my first pre-natal appointment waiting anxiously in the exam room for the doctor to make her entrance. When she did her first word was “congratulations”! She asked the standard questions, making her thorough notations in my chart. All the while I was patiently waiting to get to the good part of the exam…when she would pull out the doppler stethoscope.

With each of my pregnancies I have eagerly anticipated hearing for the first time the little thump, thump of our baby’s heartbeat..for me that is when it really hits me…God has blessed me of all people with precious gift. It is always a Wow! moment for me and this time was no different. As the smile spread across my face the doctor (with a smile on her face) said; “sounds like a boy”. Now mind you we have one boy who in the words of a friend with 5 boys is “3 boys rolled into one”! So I was only half excited to hear the doctors pronouncement. But of course it is too early to tell whether it is a boy or a girl but whomever God blesses our family with he or she will be received with joy and love.

originally  posted 8/5/05