We had just finished reading about the early Romans in Britain , the chicks and I, when I asked Mimi to tell all she could about Hadrian’s Wall. She gladly obliged with this re-telling: “Well, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to protect the people from the invaders coming from the north. The Romans had to leave Britain and this left the people there scared. They were afraid of the fierce people who painted themselves blue. These people were called the Pics and Shovels.” By the time the rest of us recovered from our fits of laughter, Mimi was completely lost as to why we found her narration so hilarious. We explained to her, through even more giggles, that the “fierce people” were not the Pics and Shovels but the Picts and Scots from what is now modern day Scotland!

This is one of the more endearing quotes we can attribute to Miss Mimi.

originally posted 9/20/06