Well, we did not end up at the coast on Friday, the Daddy-man had to work. But he made up for it on Saturday. Good thing, too, as it was 109′ in our little neck of the woods. The Coast boasted a balmy high in the upper 80’s. We took a drive to the Point Reyes National Seashore anticipating some nice hiking and a close-up look at the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. We managed both and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves doing it. The chicks were not as impressed as we had hoped they would be on the “Earthquake Trail” which runs along the San Andreas Fault line…frankly, Daddy-man and I weren’t either…we had hoped to really see some awe inspiring geographical features. Unfortunately, the trail mostly consisted of displays explaining how earthquakes work. One spot did show how much the penninsula moved ( 18-20 feet) during the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906…but even that was not really as interesting as we expected.

So, we soon headed off to the lighthouse a mere 20 miles away from the main visitor’s center. The drive there was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time…wildflowers blooming roadside, green hills, and lush trees with moss hanging from their branches lining the road. The twists and turns of the road followed by more twists offering occasional glimpses of the ocean. Finally we reached our destination: the Point Reyes LightHouse– located at the very tip of the longest penninsula on the California Coast. After a short (10 minute) walk to the upper observation deck we decided to take the plunge…literally. We had been forewarned of the 308 steps leading down to the Lighthouse…it looked easy enough. We saw that there were rest stops about every 50 steps and few people were actually using them on the upward journey…how hard could it be? Boy were we in for a surprise!! The going down was not bad, it was the coming up that almost killed the Daddy-man and I. The chicks raced ahead of us going up and raced back down to meet us whenever we stopped (which for me was at each rest stop!). I could barley catch my breath…but as I sat there I had plenty of time to decided I was way too old (37), too pregnant (only 13 weeks), and too out of shape to ever do this again! The chicks were un-fazed by the monumental task before us all…they weren’t put of breath at all…did I mention they were RUNNING up and down! Alas, the Daddy-man had it much worse…he was carrying Tink on his back…all 25 pounds of our little girl doing her best to spur her mount ever faster up all those blasted 308 steps! Daddy-man was not amused; his knees were giving out, Tink was gaining weight at a remarkable speed and those steps were multipying before his eyes…but he remained steadfast in his endeavour to reach the top!

At last we conquered the summit…albeit out of breathe and a little more stiff kneed than when we started. Now all that faced us was the ten minute walk back down the road to the van…piece of cake!

Our day was enjoyable…we beat the heat, saw a piece of California and maritime history up close and personal, breathed in the salt air, and spent a great day together as a family…I’d say the day was a 10 (or maybe a 308)!

originally posted 7/19/05