Lower Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe, CA
It’s hot here in California…been at least 100′ all week topping out (so far) on Wednesday at 106′. Ah…but relief did come, at least for this hen and her chicks. The Daddy-man worked all morning and into the early afternoon from home just so he could take his flock to the mountains to escape the heat…and escape we did! It was only around 85′ at Lake Tahoe. What a welcome change. Our first stop was our favorite location…the Lake Tahoe Visitors Center and Observation Stream. We call it by its more common name the Rainbow Trail–a one mile loop around a beautiful meadow, stream, and marsh habitat on the shore of So. Lake Tahoe. It was too late in the day to see much wildlife other than a Stellar Jay and a few baby trout, but oh! was it refreshing. The chicks were able to explore the various activities spread throughout the trail racing along unfettered by the heat just having a good old time. The shade was cool and the sun was warm and the beach at the end of Lake of the Skies Trail wasn’t too bad either! Our next stop was Eagle Falls, a place I had never been despite yearly week-long stays at Tahoe as a child. The Daddy-man and The Boy hiked the trail, 2 miles down and back, to take pictures of the falls. The girls and I stayed up top, climbed on the boulders and watched a striped ground squirrel family play among the rocks. It was worth it–the hike would have done me in! But we were rewarded by the beautiful shot of the lower falls taken by my Knight! We finished up our day at a pizza place in Squaw Valley—let me tell you—there is no better way to beat the heat than staying out of the kitchen—except perhaps going to the coast—but that is not on the schedule until Friday. Point Reyes…here we come!
P.S. the heat topped out at 109′ both Friday and Saturday…but, hey at least it’s a dry heat!

originally posted 7/13/05