Here it is the 2nd of August and I still don’t have much energy or desire to “do” school with the kiddos. Our schedule of schooling year ’round and taking off most of August just hasn’t really happened this year…We’ve taken most of June and July off from school…many things I had hoped to finish before we officially start our new school year in September have been left undone. And now I’ve been invited to join a science co-op using Jeannie Fulbright’s Exploring Creation With Botany. We have this book…our goal had been to use it throughout the summer months and finish up by Christmas so we could start Jeannie’s Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day come January. Well, we’ve only done 2 and a half chapters and I’ve put it on hold–for now.
Th co-op is a good one; few of the families from my local homeschool group participate. As the children study, the mom’s enjoy a bible study (the moms take turns leading the lessons so no one mom misses much of the bible study). There is child care for my two littles and The Boy can work for $$ helping out in the nursery/preschool group. A perfect arrangement for us. Except that I have become rather anti-activity…I have a tendency to try do do too much throughout the week and that leaves me feeling discouraged and defeated. I always feel like we have to get “X, Y and Z” done and when we are out of the home it just doesn’t happen. As it stands we are already out of the home at piano lessons one morning a week…this co-op would add another morning a week and for some reason it is SO hard to get motivated to start anything after we get home. Unfortunately, I always feel like the day is wasted if some academics aren’t completed. However, the Dear Knight thinks it would be a good idea for us…after all, it has been years since I was involved in a bible study and it would help reinforce the lessons in serving others that we are trying to instill in The Boy (even if he does get paid for it). I am warming to the idea especially after talking to my HS group’s leader this morning…she has such an engaging way about her… and my girls and her girls seem to have really hit it off (a huge answer to prayer—we are finally-after almost 8 years of HS’ing-making connections with other families/children!).
So I am tweaking my tentative schedule to make it more do-able and less pressure filled. Hopefully it will work and I won’t end up regretting it.

originally posted 8/2/07