After  a night of very little sleep what with a  sick  baby toddler..5:30 anounced  its presence way too early for  my taste.   But,  alas, Wonder-Beagle  needed to  be let out and fed,  so out of bed I rolled. With me came  Babycakes–newly 2 (as of yesterday) and unbelievably  awake considering the amount of  sleep we both missed.   Giggling the  whole time,  she watched as I fed  Doggie and retrieved the  paper  form the driveway. We made our way back  into the  house.  Her sweet but  LOUD voice accompanying  us  into  the  kitchen.   She sniffed  delightedly as  I measured out the coffee and declared (still very loudly): <br>
“Mmm, I love it!!<br> That’s  my girl!

Then a look of consternation crossed  her face.  I  had  turned on  the  cofee maker and the water  had  started to drip down  into the pot.    With a deep intake of  breath,  she whispered:<br>
“Uh,  oh.  It leakin’ ”

originally posted 1/25/08