Here it is, 7 a.m. Saturday morning and I am the only one up. Dear Knight is out taking photographs somewhere–he was gone when I woke up at 6. The chicks are all still sleeping–even Tink my perennial early riser. The air is cool–I opened the windows in the front and back of the house to let in the refreshing morning breezes. I hear the birds singing their love songs to each other and the traffic rushing past, pressing onward to unknown destinations. Yet, my home is still quiet, blissfully quiet. This is treat, something I long for most days yet rarely receive. I need quiet mornings. In fact my days flow better when I get some quality time to just sit and be still; when there are no demands for my attention, no pleas for pancakes or muffins, no demands for the TV. Like most parents my mornings of quiet ended with the advent of children. It is the one adjustment that the Knight and I have had the hardest time making. We truly are quiet people with quiet pursuits. Our lives before the chicks arrived were filled with weekend mornings spent reading or gardening, enjoying the morning sun as we sat drinking our morning “cuppa joe” and enjoying each other’s company, not feeling a need to talk much. It is the part of my “former” life I miss the most. The part I resent giving up the most…we do not have a quiet house…not with five chicks roosting here!! There is at any given time someone crying, talking, arguing, singing or laughing…loudly, with much gusto. There is a life force in this house that never existed in my home growing up…and I dare-say not in the Knight’s childhood home either. It is called children being children, not forced into adult behavior and attitudes before their time. Children enjoying all life has to offer. It is the most foreign thing to both of us. A cause of much consternation and scratching of our heads…how did two quiet people end up with such loud chicks? God surely has a sense of humor, else how did we end up with this life? This blessed, loud, raucous, Sweet Life?

originally posted  7/1/06