For Christmas my Dear Knight gave  me  my own  digital  camera.  I had been  using his Nikon D70 with a wide angle lense but  it  was really  too much camera for little ol’ me.    So he surprised me with a  Nikon Coolpix S51–very cool!!  Now I can click away and  not worry about all the settings and such…I can  even make movies with  it!   I am so much more a snapshot taker than a serious  photographer as is my DK.

This image is one  I took  as I tested out my camera.   It is my favorite tea cup and  my favorite scented winter-time candle  (peppermint/vanilla)  along  with  a figurine my dear momma gave  me for my   40th  birthday. All sitting on the slim  windowsill  of my kitchen  window.  Not too bad for a novice photographer  🙂

originally posted  1/21/08