Monday morning held such promise…we were going to start a new reading schedule–much more CM than Classical–Baby slept through the night, therefore, I slept through the night and I had a wee bit of quiet all to myself. My sense of peace was short lived…Mimi and LaLa both woke up complaining of sore throats and headaches, the Boy needed to go to the doctor for a tetanus booster–he stepped on a nail Sunday night at the creek–it went clean through his hiking boot (and already infected we found out),Tink got right to work demolishing the house as any good two year old will do, and Baby started her week as she does most Mondays—crying, alot (unless she’s nursing or sleeping). My high hopes for a smooth start to our week were dashed but we did get in some reading…Thornton Burgess animal stories are a favorite around here. The girls slept alot and the Boy did his best to help with Baby. Tink just continued to demolish the house.
Tuesday looked more promising: a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders…a decision that was really causing some stress in our home was finally reached (more on that in another post), and the sun was shining at last–we have received more than 4 inches of rain just this month! The girls were still sick but feeling better and the Boy’s infected foot was not so painful. Tink still made it her mission in life to demolish the house but Baby was in a good mood!! The day turned stormy with thunder storms and dime sized hail (that’s big for this part of the country) but laundry got done and the floors got mopped. We even had time to read from Wind in the Willows and Little Pilgrims Progress…all in all another good day.
Then this morning the Knight and I were treated to something I don’t ever recall seeing…a rainbow–at 6 in the morning–in the east. The sun was just rising and its light was shining across the sky just under the dark storm clouds. The oaks by the creek were bathed in a golden glow. The sky above the tree line was a dark indigo and the rainbow softly arched across the expanse. What a blessing for us…the house was still quiet (a rare thing in our house even at 6 in the morning) and God’s promise was gently proclaimed across the sky. I stood in my doorway for as long as I dared–I was still in my jammies–and just soaked it in…the softly falling rain and the rainbow–what a glorious start to my day.

originally posted 3/36/06