Well, here I sit. Three of my chicks are sick or getting over being sick. The Knight and The Boy are at church…and I’ve just finished serving up scrambled eggs and oatmeal to the invalids. I can tell it is going to be one of those slow moving languid days. The air is crisp for this time of year in the Sacramento Valley. The leaves on my two October Glory maples are already beginning to turn from a vibrant light green to a bright orange only to eventually finish off with a fiery red. The Black Phoebe’s and Anna’s Hummingbird’s are enjoying our yard immensely. We in turn are enjoying their antics as they flit and fly and chastise us noisily each time we step into the yard. My tomatoes are gone for the season…the unseasonable weather wrought havoc on our vegetable garden (not to mention the inattention of a “green” mother hen and her novice gardener chicks) but the basil is still blooming as are the rest of my herbs. Good thing they can thrive with little care and watering. Even in this God is gracious! My Macintosh scented candle is casting a delicious aroma throughout our home and Tink is calling La La and Mimi (her names for her sister’s) cheerily–Oh! how she does love her older siblings. Symphony in D major by Johannes Brahms is playing in the background and the girls, feeling better, are giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Ah, it is going to be a fine day! God is so good. He has allowed me to see Him in these small, mundane things. This truly is the Sweet Life.

originally posted 9/18/05