My blogging has been non-exsistent as of late. Not so much because of the odd place I found myself in involving a long missing girl but mostly because of the sleep deprived haze I’ve been walking around in for the last 7 months–yes, Baby is 7 months old. I find this haze to be most bothersome as I try to plan our new school year. Now, it is true we school year ’round, only taking breaks when illness rears its ugly head or when we have activities or get-aways planned…therefore, including time off at the holidays we average about 40 weeks of school a year. This works well for us as I only plan 36 weeks worth of school and I spread it out over the year. So if we decide we need a day for just play I feel no guilt for not getting “school” done; I have ample time to get in my 180 days of school as required by my state. This summer we reached our 180 days at the end of July…we took a couple of weeks off in August and then started up again with our “new” school year last week. Unfortunately, the above mentioned haze that I’ve been wandering around in has left me with very little motivation or ability to do any actual planning…I have the Boy’s reading schedule done but that is about it. This is very unlike me…I usually have our school year planned months in advance…but not this year…I am hoping to get the girl’s reading schedules done in the next week. I am hoping the haze will lift and I’ll see the plan at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping that Baby will start sleeping through the night. B.ut i’m not holding my breathe…sigh

originally posted 8/29/06