I am from silver dollar pancakes with syrup and coffee with cream, from Cutty Sark scotch and Gallo red wine.

I am from the always white walls of rentals, barren and lonely, from the smell of after school cookies and pies and cakes.

I am from front lawns badly in need of a trim and from rose gardens so desired. From scrub jays and magpies and unruly dogs always in search of a handout.

I am from rip roaring fights and infrequent tender words, from imaginary friends and Knights in Shining Armor. I am from strong women with iron clad wills and stubborn streaks a mile wide, from Grandma the matriarch with a twinkle in her eye and love in her heart and Mom and �The General� drinking buddies to the end.

I am from the dreamers and the lost and the headstrong and the proud. From a secret never to be told and shamefully left behind. From �children should be seen and not heard� and �because I said so!�

I am from Ave Maria and Hosanna in the Highest. From a string of Hail Mary�s and being good on Sunday and that will do for the week. From baptism as babies and saying your prayers.

I’m from the land of palm trees and movie stars and sunshiny skies, from snowy Ohio and emerald Erin and far away Gaul. From Sunday roast and Friday fish. From potatoes and mutton and dessert every night of the week.

From the blind great-grandfather who loved Danny Boy, the father who denied my existence to all but himself, and the dreams of a young mother living in a world of make-believe.

I am from a purloined family genealogy, never to be returned. From scant baby pictures of the youngest child. I am from unlabeled photos, old and faded, diaries and journals never kept.

I am from the desire to do better and rise above. From the dream of living my life His way. I am from the girl who was and the woman who is. I am from the saints come before and those yet to come.

I am from the Father to the Fatherless. From His hand redeemed and claimed as His own.

I am His child.

I debated about whether I should write this…there are many things about my life/childhood that I’d rather not remember….many dreams unrealized and promises broken…but the more I thought about it the more I realized maybe I needed to write this…so thank you for indulging me and thank you to Ann at Holy Experience for inspiring me to take the leap. Please write you own Where I am From.

origianlly posted  5/17/06