FOR TODAY, Monday, August 18th…
Outside My Window…Crepe Myrtle tree losing its blossoms, swinging garden gate, bird feeder needing filling having been ravaged over the weekend by house finches, apple tree heavily laden with fruit
I am thinking…that I want to bottle this lazy summer day feeling in order to revisit it when burnout from homeschooling threatens to overwhelm me
I am thankful for…this home, this cool morning, fresh coffee in the morning courtesy of Dear Knight, long, languid day stretching before me
From the kitchen…country apple and blueberry tart for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and creamy orzo pasta with tomatoes for dinner
I am wearing…light grey, knit, pull-over-my-head dress from many years ago…it’s comfortable like an old friend
I am creating…lesson plans, daily schedules, and decoupaged notebooks
I am going…nowhere today…this is a lazy day
I am readingBird by Bird by Anne Lamott, School Education by C Mason, Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson and For the Families Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
I am hoping…Dear Knight will be home early–he’s been traveling alot lately…we miss him at the dinner table
I am hearing…the sprinklers, random notes from Amazing Grace from our wind chime-a gift from Dear Knight, birds outside, lawn mowers in the distance and the ever present traffic noise.
Around the house…the scent of apple blueberry tart, laundry waiting patiently for folding, fresh flowers on the table
One of my favorite things…greek yogurt and fresh, sliced strawberries for breakfast…Yum!!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: the girls and I will be joining 4 friends and their mothers for a simple “book club” meeting near a creek to discuss Swallows and Amazons—and yes, we’ll be bringing pemmican, seed cake, grog (lemonade) and hunks of chocolate…that’s why I’m called the “Best of All Natives”
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
I see this each time I look at our mantle…the dried lavender is from our garden, the little book lover a gift from my mom and the love angel a serendipitous gift from a friend…she didn’t know that I don’t care for knick knacks but really am taken by these figurines from Willow Tree
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