Well, I’ve been planning and planning some more. I think I’ve finally narrowed down our curriculum choices for this new school year (and I use that term loosely as we school year ’round…one year just blending into the next…works for us).

All of us:

History–Greenleaf guides to Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome


Art and Music

Shakespeare–Love’s Labor Lost

Nature Studies

The Boy: Freshman:

Teaching Textbook Geometry…he’s already finished Alg. 1 & 2

Bravewriter’s Help for High School writing guide and online classes.

Ancient Literature from Greenleaf press….we’ll be doing this together…starting with the books of Daniel and Genesis, followed by Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Antigone and the Oedipus Cycle…I can’t wait!!

Apologia’s Biology, 2nd edition

LaLa: 7th grade

Teaching Textbook Pre-algebra (finishing it up) and Algebra 1

Bravewriter language arts program-The Boomerang and online writing classes

The Rainbow–General Science

Mimi:5th grade

Making Math Meaningful

Bravewriter language arts program -The Arrow

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth day

Tink: Kindergarten

Well,,, this one’s hard as I am trying to really enjoy her early years, so we break from our ‘Classical” approach and are embracing a more gentle way with:

Five In A Row**–selections from books 1 and 2and lots of play time and books and art projects and nature walks

Along the Alphabet Path from Serendipity–with just a few minor changes (mostly doctrinal–the owner of Serendipity is a devout Catholic and we are Protestants). Despite the changes we are very excited about this little story…filled with fairies and songs and poetry and flowers…what’s not to like if you are a 5 year old girl! And we’ll be adding our own faith filled ideas to show God’s Glory in His creation!

Oh, and she wants to join Mimi in studying Swimming Creatures so she’ll only do as much as she is able and willing!

Now if I can just make finish the lesson plans…

Coram Deo, Lola

**UPDATE–Well, Five in a Row is just not going to work for us…I just can’t get it to fit…so we are staying with Along the Alphabet path and adding Alphaphonics to learn phonics and just using the FIAR books as read alouds…I think this will be more doable as I strive to live more simply and purposefully as we move through our school days.