FOR TODAY, Wednesday, August 27th…(a little late, but better than never!)
Outside My Window…Tomato plants wilting in 100’+ heat, trees not moving for lack of breeze
I am thinking…Autumn is just around the corner!
I am thankful for…central air conditioning and a north facing family room…baby, it’s hot outside
From the kitchen…Cream scones with jam and whipped cream
I am wearing…black capris and blue and white blouse
I am creating…a mess as I try to clean our my closet!
I am going…to try to get to bed earlier than midnight!
I am readingHow the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill
I am hoping…the wee chicks drift off to sleep early as I have more lesson planning to do tonight
I am hearing…my son’s iTunes selections, kitchen being cleaned, toys being played with
Around the house…the after dinner lull–books being pulled out for night time reading, baths being taken and rooms being tidied
One of my favorite things…the early evening light wafting in through my living room window
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: The Boy helps coach a homeschool little league team on Thursday mornings as the girls play at the adjacent park…it even has a fountain play area so bathing suits (for the girls…not moi) are the outfits of choice
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
Babycake’s little pink shoes…yes, they came down the slide first…Babycakes followed with a smile on her face
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