I try to limit my computer time during the school year…some days I am better at it than others.  Usually I get bogged down reading the few blogs I visit regularly.  Some days I just can’t help it.  They inspire me and then I’m off on a rabbit trail.  This time it is a trail of beauty and domesticity.  I love autumn.  I drink in the cool mornings and evenings.  I savor the the tastes and smells of the seasons: apples, pumpkins, drying leaves, dew damp grass, and later in the season the scent of wood smoke.  And I truly want my home to reflect the beauty I feel in my heart.  I light the scented candles that mean “comfort” to me and they burn all day long. I start planning meals that will feature homemade soup and stew–although they have to wait until the daytime temps are cooler than the 90’s…around the end of October.  And I rely more and more heavily on my Vivaldi and Mozart cd’s to fill our home with the sounds of the season.    We plan our annual trip to Apple Hill were we load up  on fresh apple pie, crisp, just-picked apples, and  gallons of freshly pressed apple cider to enjoy back home.  This to me is beauty…and I just hope my children will remember it as such.

Coram Deo,