Well, here it is the second week of high school for the Boy…and he’s bored! He doesn’t have enough to do!  He says his Geometry and Biology are TOO EASY…his Ancient Literature is boring and that history is the same old stuff.  So I did what any good homeschooling mom would do…I’ve ordered  a logic course…not too easy now; I’ve added  Plutarch, Josephus Thucydides,and Livy to his history reading: not the same old stuff anymore!  And he’ll be starting a Spanish course in the next couple of weeks…I don’t think the Boy will be bored anymore.

Moral to this story:  Be careful what you wish for!

*as an aside…this isn’t punishment…the Boy is definitely up to the reading…he reads a couple of grades higher than his own, and the other courses…I was actually waiting to add them as his year progressed to see how he would do with the added pressures/expectations of High School…he just wanted them sooner than later…so I obliged–as any “good” mother would do!