November 2008

Well, I completely forgot to take a single picture of our Thanksgiving feast and all my loved ones around the table (not that I would have posted a picture of their lovely faces…you’ll just have to take my word for it…all were happy, contented and salivating!) but,  I did remember, Friday afternoon, to take pictures of the table centerpiece.  dscn1809The cards in the foreground are Thanksgiving/Gratitude themed quotes that I printed on cream colored cardstock then mounted on autumn hued cardstock. The cards standing up in the back are Psalms 100 and 95.   I stamped an acorn flourish accent across the top of each card for decoration.   We all took turns reading the quotes during our meal.

The small parcels in the center front are little bundles of 5 corn kernels with an attached card stamped with the word “blessings”.  I read the story about the Pilgrims and 5 kernels of corn just to give us all  a proper perspective to how much food with which we’ve been blessed  for just  ONE meal.dscn1813And even Mimi got into the decorating spirit and made this little guy to grace the side board. dscn1812

He sure looked cute amid the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, butter and sweet potato muffins–did you notice the absence of any veggies?–well, I thought I’d be smart and cut up my broccoli on Wednesday to save time on Thursday.  Only one problem, I forgot to cook the broccoli (and the corn) Thursday afternoon–so no veggies!

And to really make our table shine I made placecards (actually, I made them 2 years ago and saved them…I just changed out the background paper from brown to green).dscn1814We had a delightful day…not much verbal thanks were given but I know our hearts…we are all thankful for ALL God has mercifully given us.  We deserve nothing and He gives everything.  We are so blessed.

Coram Deo,


FOR TODAY, Friday, November 20th…
Outside My Window… A picture is worth a thousand words…the tule fog rolled in about 1 hour ago and shrouded our yard in this smoke-like haze
I am thinking…”For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this not of your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast”~~Eph.2:8-9
I am thankful for…Ann at Holy Experience, for reminding that gratitude is necessary for life–without it we run the risk of losing sight of who we truly are in Christ
From the kitchen…Dutch Corn Chowder for dinner
I am wearing…jeans & a hoodie sweater
I am creating…Jesse Tree plans  and Christmas literature lessons (TLP’s: Dickens’ A Christmas Carol)
I am going…to endeavor, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to delight in my children today
I am readingPersuasion…again (Yes, I’m still on my Jane Austen kick)
I am hoping…that there is peace in this house today
I am hearing…the hum of the heater &  children eating breakfast
Around the house…a slow leisurely start to our day
One of my favorite things…afternoon read aloud time with all of us wrapped in cozy blankets and a mug of steaming tea by my side
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Weekend: Big girls are off to a friend’s birthday party this afternoon. The rest of us will just enjoy the remainder of the day.
A picture thought I’m sharing: This greets me every time I come in my front door
If you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my day and you’d like to join in, Please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman

Please take a few minutes to watch this video…Special thanks to my dear friend Ann of Holy Experience.  She continually inspires, challenges and encourages me in my walk.

Watch. Think. Be inspired. ACT!   It is never too late.

Coram Deo,


Some mornings I can hardly keep my mind focused on what to have for breakfast let alone what to write for a blog post…today is one of those days. Hey!  that can be my post.  So here it goes (I hope this little glimpse into the workings of my mind does not scare some of you off!):

1. Cinnamon bread from Whole Foods is awesome…too bad I can’t eat the whole loaf

2.If momma is cranky then everyone is sure to be cranky

3. People with curly hair should be given passes on those days that the weather doesn’t cooperate but should…can anyone say Lyle Lovett on a bad day?

4. The name of this blog should be:  4 Weddings and A Heart Attack

5. Wow! I am related to all the Tatros, Tetreaus, Tetreaults in the US and Canada….thanks Great Grandma Laura “Lola”  Tatro

6. God infinitely knew what he was doing giving me one boy and four girls when we wanted all boys…good thing He’s God and I’m not

7. There is not enough chocolate in my (fill in the blank) to satisfy me today

8. I may try to eat like a French Woman but, alas, I am not a true French Woman…not enough style

9. Society would not be so bad if even just a little of the decorum practiced in the Regency period (think  Jane Austen) were taught in schools (home or otherwise)

10. Today is a soup day

11. Someday I should learn to touch type

12. Starbucks has Peppermint Twist Mochas…I must have a Coffee Fairy Godmother

13. Cloudy day=reading and teatime…I think I’ll surprise the kiddos…see # 2 above

14. My roses need to be pruned and the wind fall apples need to be cleaned up

15. Old Dog is REALLY old; REALLY, REALLY old–especially in the mornings as of late.  I am dreading the day that seems not too far in the future (sigh)

16. This should be my gratitude list for today…because I can see something to be grateful in all I’ve written

Coram deo,


Well, I did it…I finished reading  all six of Jane Austen’s novels during October.  Whew!   I could not put them down.  I can’t believe I had not read these classics before now.   I enjoyed them so much that  I even went ahead and read three fan-fiction books based on Pride and Predjudice: An Assembly Such As This, Duty and Desire, and These Three Remain all by Pamela Aidan.  They re-tell the story only from Mr. Darcy’s perspective.   I haven’t read this much in a LONG time and it was wonderful.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately…how about you?

Coram Deo,



This is our 9th year of homeschooling.  We started with The Boy’s 1st grade year using the Classical method ala The Well Trained Mind and Christine Miller’s Classical Home Education website. We truly felt is was the perfect method for our family.   However as we added the girls to our school roster I felt the need to make things more gentle so we started home educating our children using both the Classical approach with  a smattering of the Charlotte Maso  One of the first books we purchased was Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study…an intimidating tome if there ever was one (to say the least).  In fact after all these years I’ve never really used it!  I’ve tried to incorporate Nature Study into our schedule but have always given up after a few failed tries…there always seems to be something more pressing to get done.  This year, however, I really feel the need to add it in to our week.  Perhaps it is because Tink is our resident Kindergartner and I feel that I’ve been given a second chance at doing grammar school again (hopefully doing it better this time around)–and I want to get in the habit of Nature Study now, not later.  I have given up hope of ever getting the Boy to join in–he didn’t like it in 1st grade and he doesn’t care for it now in 9th grade; but the girls  seem much more willing to try.   So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this website…it seems tailor made just for me!!!  I think we will start the exercises next week. And I’ll be adding my name to the Outdoor Hour blogroll.  Won’t you join me?

Coram Deo,