This is our 9th year of homeschooling.  We started with The Boy’s 1st grade year using the Classical method ala The Well Trained Mind and Christine Miller’s Classical Home Education website. We truly felt is was the perfect method for our family.   However as we added the girls to our school roster I felt the need to make things more gentle so we started home educating our children using both the Classical approach with  a smattering of the Charlotte Maso  One of the first books we purchased was Anna Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study…an intimidating tome if there ever was one (to say the least).  In fact after all these years I’ve never really used it!  I’ve tried to incorporate Nature Study into our schedule but have always given up after a few failed tries…there always seems to be something more pressing to get done.  This year, however, I really feel the need to add it in to our week.  Perhaps it is because Tink is our resident Kindergartner and I feel that I’ve been given a second chance at doing grammar school again (hopefully doing it better this time around)–and I want to get in the habit of Nature Study now, not later.  I have given up hope of ever getting the Boy to join in–he didn’t like it in 1st grade and he doesn’t care for it now in 9th grade; but the girls  seem much more willing to try.   So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this website…it seems tailor made just for me!!!  I think we will start the exercises next week. And I’ll be adding my name to the Outdoor Hour blogroll.  Won’t you join me?

Coram Deo,