Some mornings I can hardly keep my mind focused on what to have for breakfast let alone what to write for a blog post…today is one of those days. Hey!  that can be my post.  So here it goes (I hope this little glimpse into the workings of my mind does not scare some of you off!):

1. Cinnamon bread from Whole Foods is awesome…too bad I can’t eat the whole loaf

2.If momma is cranky then everyone is sure to be cranky

3. People with curly hair should be given passes on those days that the weather doesn’t cooperate but should…can anyone say Lyle Lovett on a bad day?

4. The name of this blog should be:  4 Weddings and A Heart Attack

5. Wow! I am related to all the Tatros, Tetreaus, Tetreaults in the US and Canada….thanks Great Grandma Laura “Lola”  Tatro

6. God infinitely knew what he was doing giving me one boy and four girls when we wanted all boys…good thing He’s God and I’m not

7. There is not enough chocolate in my (fill in the blank) to satisfy me today

8. I may try to eat like a French Woman but, alas, I am not a true French Woman…not enough style

9. Society would not be so bad if even just a little of the decorum practiced in the Regency period (think  Jane Austen) were taught in schools (home or otherwise)

10. Today is a soup day

11. Someday I should learn to touch type

12. Starbucks has Peppermint Twist Mochas…I must have a Coffee Fairy Godmother

13. Cloudy day=reading and teatime…I think I’ll surprise the kiddos…see # 2 above

14. My roses need to be pruned and the wind fall apples need to be cleaned up

15. Old Dog is REALLY old; REALLY, REALLY old–especially in the mornings as of late.  I am dreading the day that seems not too far in the future (sigh)

16. This should be my gratitude list for today…because I can see something to be grateful in all I’ve written

Coram deo,