Well, I completely forgot to take a single picture of our Thanksgiving feast and all my loved ones around the table (not that I would have posted a picture of their lovely faces…you’ll just have to take my word for it…all were happy, contented and salivating!) but,  I did remember, Friday afternoon, to take pictures of the table centerpiece.  dscn1809The cards in the foreground are Thanksgiving/Gratitude themed quotes that I printed on cream colored cardstock then mounted on autumn hued cardstock. The cards standing up in the back are Psalms 100 and 95.   I stamped an acorn flourish accent across the top of each card for decoration.   We all took turns reading the quotes during our meal.

The small parcels in the center front are little bundles of 5 corn kernels with an attached card stamped with the word “blessings”.  I read the story about the Pilgrims and 5 kernels of corn just to give us all  a proper perspective to how much food with which we’ve been blessed  for just  ONE meal.dscn1813And even Mimi got into the decorating spirit and made this little guy to grace the side board. dscn1812

He sure looked cute amid the stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, crescent rolls, butter and sweet potato muffins–did you notice the absence of any veggies?–well, I thought I’d be smart and cut up my broccoli on Wednesday to save time on Thursday.  Only one problem, I forgot to cook the broccoli (and the corn) Thursday afternoon–so no veggies!

And to really make our table shine I made placecards (actually, I made them 2 years ago and saved them…I just changed out the background paper from brown to green).dscn1814We had a delightful day…not much verbal thanks were given but I know our hearts…we are all thankful for ALL God has mercifully given us.  We deserve nothing and He gives everything.  We are so blessed.

Coram Deo,