Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?

That  question is the linch-pin question for Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project; it is also a question I’ve been pondering these last two weeks.  It is almost too much for me to get my mind around.  I mean, what DO I really, honestly believe with my whole heart down to the very core of my being?  And if I really believe what I believe, does my life reflect that belief?

Well, I hope so.  Yet, I know I am not perfect.  I mess up…daily.   Good thing God is not expecting me to be perfect.  Good thing he offered me salvation through His son, Jesus Christ.  Good thing I answered His knock.

Have you ever thought about how  much we are bombarded on a daily basis with a humanistic world view? From the T.V. shows we watch to the books we read there is a general view that this life is all there is…nothing more, nothing less. That being  “good” is good enough  and as that long as what one does doesn’t bother anyone else then “Go For It!”.   How utterly self-centered, how uterly hopeless.   Good thing I have hope.

Just somethings that I’ve been thinking about.

Coram Deo, Lola