April 2009

This past Saturday the Dear Knight and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  I don’t think I could have imagined what this day would have looked like way back then.  On that  beautiful sunny day we–me at 24 and him at 30–had no idea we’d be the parents of 5 children, our oldest child would be spending spring break in Mexico on a Missions trip with our church, that our youngest would only be 3, and that we’d be living in our 3rd home.  I actually never imagined much beyond the day at hand…I was not a dreamer–at least I don’t think I was. But here we are and we are still in love and still happy together and still looking forward to growing old together.  I still love DK as much now as I did then…perhaps more because after all these years I appreciate him and his ways more.  No, we are not that young couple anymore…5 kids and way too many sweets do away with that “young” look…but I wouldn’t trade this day (and these last 17 years) for any other!

I love you my Hun, I always have and always will!



What do you do with a kindergartener and a pre-schooler for “M” week? Monkey Bread! I had this great idea this morning only to realize we didn’t have the main ingredient for Monkey Bread: refrigerator biscuits. Never fear! teen age daughter to the rescue…she stayed home with the younger ones as I ran up to the store to get the biscuits. Once home the two littles and I cut, shook, plopped, melted and poured our way to this afternoon’s teatime treat. This, our first foray into the delights of Monkey Bread. I’ll let you know later how it turned out…but if the aroma eminating from the oven is any indication, then I’m sure they’ll be great. Pictures to follow, too!  OOPS!  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product…but take  my word for…it looked delicious and tasted even better!!