For along time I resisted my best friends’ suggestion to join Facebook. I gave in  only after my sister, another friend and the aforementioned best friend all asked me to join…in the same week.  I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with my hard-to-get-hold-of sister.  Well, my sister is rarely on FB but I have been reunited  with friends that I thought I’d never hear from again.  Friends that played a very important part in my life; first, in my childhood and then  later, in my high school years.  Today was the latest such reunion.  I found my absolute best friend in elementary school–Maryanne.  She and I were inseparable…at least in my mind–until I moved away inour junior year of high school.  We had vivid imaginations, although hers was always better than mine. We had dreams of writing a great children’s book and being the best at whatever we wanted.  She was handy at sewing and other hand crafts…I could paint by numbers.  She was fascinated with her family history and shared her history with me.  I didn’t know anything more of my family other than my grandmother’s mother’s name. And I only knew that because her name is my name.  She had a history and a family and I had secrets and shame.  She brought a touch of fun into my life: imagination and make-believe.  The stuff of childhood.  I don’t have a lot of fond memories of my childhood, but those I do have are filled with Maryanne’s face and laugh and smile.  I am so gald I  found her!

Coram Deo,