September 2009

is all that is necessary.  Really.  Just one writing project a month. In a day and age when it seems children in brick and mortar schools are required to finish at least one writing project a WEEK the ‘one a month’ philosophy must sound like heresy.  But let me tell you…it is life changing. Freeing as it were.  Children can really get to know their topic and the result is much more engaging.  Why? How?  Because the child writes about something they care about and they spend time doing it.  The ‘it’ being learning about the topic. Living the topic. TALKING about the topic..a lot!!!  In essence the child ‘owns’ the finished product much more so than if they have to whip it out in a few days time.  There are not a lot of chances to really get to know the topic if you have hardly any time to really engage with it.  Not so when following the Bravewriter Philosophy. I know this because for the first 7 years of homeschooling I struggled with getting my children to write–everyday.   I thought to be a good writing teacher one must follow the current trend in teaching writing; that is, children must write  everyday (and create and finish new writing  projects every week) or they won’t learn to write at all.   How revolutionary it was, then, when I discovered Bravewriter.  Deep down I had always known there was a better way.  I just didn’t know what that better way was.  Then I found Julie!  Our writing has never been the same.  It has been so much better.  Less stressful more enjoyable. We do write everyday but it is with a purpose–our own purpose and it is by choice (yes, I do assign writing projects–one a month– but our writing has moved so much more beyond that).  Sometimes it is just lists of  favorite things.  Sometimes it is a spontaneous story to entertain a little sister.  Sometimes it is a full fledged report!!! Sometimes it a poem or a journal entry created just is for the FUN of writing.  I even enjoy writing; something I thought would never happen!!  For a more detailed look at the concept of one writing project a month read  Julie’s blog.  You might just find yourself embracing a whole new writing philosophy!!

Coram Deo,



I’ve been inspired lately by Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse.  Inspired to blog more, photograph life more, and love domesticity more…
Thank you, Anna, you are a delight.

Love, Remember~Shakespeare