Having been inspired by Ann and Melissa Wiley I’ve come up with these, Our Rules For Beauty, Goodness and Truth:

The goal is daily to:
~Read Good books–not twaddle–this one is easy!

~Appreciate/create beauty through art (other’s and our own), music, and nature-i.e. nature walks-when we get to them!

~Engage in discourse of good ideas, think and discuss edifying & encouraging, thoughts/ideas/tpoics–this is a little harder…two uncommunicative teenagers, one 11-year old who is just not there yet, and a 1st grader and preschooler…not a lot of in-depth deep thinking going on here!

~Encounter Truth through prayer/quiet time/bible study.

And I am really trying to “let go” and allow my children to have lots of unstructured time to explore books, crafts, games, etc… This is hard for me as I am so used to creating structure for those in the family that MUST have that structure in order to live (yes, I mean the men of the family ;D).


Coram deo,