December 2009

Here are days 5, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27 for your viewing pleasure.

Counting Down to Christmas day 5

Things left to do- Day 22

The stockings are 23

A recipe for Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

The day after Christmas

Sleep-Day 27

Sorry that the pages are not in order;  there are some I haven’t  posted at all.  Day 27’s layout is inspired by Shimelle’s from JYC…I had the hardest time coming up with anything on my own so I used her LO as a template and recreated the basic elements but with my own twist!

Coram Deo,



Here it is day 30 of JYC and apparently Tink has caught my journaling/scrapping bug.  She has been busy making journals for the past week and a half; confiscating any and all stray photos she can get her hands on.  Fortunately for Tink I print off a great many more photos than I actually use.

Tink's unfinished masterpiece!

Here is what my work station looks like:

JYC day 30

What I haven’t shown you is the rest of the 7 foot long table which my journal (and all its accoutrements) has taken over!

Coram Deo,


I am having FUN with this class…so here are some of my pages. They are not in order but this is the best I can do.  I still have a few pages awaiting pictures and/or inspiration!

day 10 page-samples of this year's wrapping paper

day 11 page-all about a special ornament

day 13 page-my favorite Christmas Carols

Oops!  I just noticed that day 13 needs a title! Back to the drawing board!!

Coram Deo,


Head on over to Amoretti and leave a comment to enter for a chance to win one of the coolest prizes I’ve seen.  I’m not going to tell you what it is…you’ll just  have to see for yourself.  BUT hurry the winner will be announced on the 15th!

Coram Deo. Lola

I’ve actually completed all but one page of my Christmas Journal (not including the photo I know I have but just cant find that I NEED for my day 6 layout!!!).  Day 4 seems to be the hardest; my idea of “Perfection” for Christmas…still pondering that one!

Anyways, here is a photo of my day 1 page…I did it a little differently that the prompt suggested, but I am OK with that.

Coram Deo, Lola

I found a fabulous site for crafting ideas for kids: The Crafty Crow…click on this link or see my side-bar…you’ll be glad you did!!

I’ve taken the leap…the leap into journaling and scapbooking, that is.  Now I have dabbled in scrapbooking in the past and none too successfully.  And I have journaled regularly,  again, in the past.  And, yes, I do keep a Gratitude Journal but this is different.  For this foray into journaling I paid cold, hard cash for  special e-mails delivered right to my in-box…everyday…for 37 days…starting December 1st through January 6th.  You read that correctly, in this economic environment, I paid a stranger for the privilege of telling me what to journal about all Christmas Season long.  Now you may be scratching your head but let me explain why I did this (and apparently many others have too).  I want to slow down and really savor this Christmas/Advent season.  I have also felt a tremendous tug at my heart lately to write.  Something. Anything. But I had no idea what to write or where to start.  I just knew I REALLY desired to put pen to paper.  Then I stumbled upon this website .  And I knew just what I needed  to do.  Dear Knight agreed that it looked like a good fit and I signed up yesterday. I printed off the info I needed to start journaling,  sat down in front of our lit Christmas tree and journaled.  Really journaled.  It felt fantastic.  I may be slightly behind as I do not even have my journal/album created (it seems some experienced folks had their journals created before December even arrived so all they have to do it fill it with their words and images…next year I will be prepared).  Later today, Lala and I are heading out to our local scapbooking store to search for the perfect journal and decorative papers/embellishments.  I can already see it in my mind; frosty pinks, greens, blues and a touch of cranberry red.  All glittery and vintage looking.  I want it to sparkle just like Posie Gets Cozy.  If you want more info on Journaling Your Christmas, just click on the link at the top of my side-bar.

Coram Deo, Lola