If you’ve perused my blog then hopefully you have seen the post on my homekeeping journal inspired by Ann’s. Now, Ann has a new post up actually leading the reader through how to make one’s own visual journal…it is just lovely and inspiring–like the woman herself.  Please go take a look. And while you are there take a look around Ann’s beautiful blog and be inspired and encouraged.  She has a gift that must be shared.

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I have finally moved all my post over from my old blog…unfortunately I don’t know how to put them in a separate “archive” page. So they are here in a backward chronological order. To find my actual recent posts (those written here originally over the past few weeks you’ll have search fpor them…sorry:-(

And Please don’t forget Tasha Tudor Day on August 28th…please visit Clarice at Storybook Woods for your own sidebar picture (which I don’t have because I can’t figure out how to add it to my sidebar).

A recent message has led our family to the attention of a group of webslueths who are concerned with the disappearance of one Anna Waters. It seems that young Anna went missing as a toddler and has not been found. Furthermore, through a bit of our own sluething we have found that it would appear that some of my personal ramblings have fueled the thinking of some that I might be Anna.

First, I must state that my heart goes out to any parent that either has, or might have, gone through the loss of a child. I can only imagine what I might feel if anything were to happen to any of my own children. As such, my prayers go out to the members of Anna’s family.

Secondly, and most importantly, I must let everyone know that I know I am not Anna. I have seen the site “Reunite Anna” and just to let you know…I have blue eyes and no dimples. I do know from whence I have come and of my mother, father and siblings…warts and all. There is a past, there is a history…there is family. As stated, my own personal ramblings may have peaked some interest in me but these ramblings as simply the result of a young woman, mother and wife seeking to understand who she is, what makes her who she is…in the light cast by the grace and beauty of God upon my life. While these ramblings may seem strange or coincidental to some, they serve a purpose. They allow me to know and to be known by God and my Lord Jesus Christ…the posting of these musings were intended to share with my friends and family what I have learned and the grace and mercy exhibited to me.

Finally, I must add that the focus and time spent by websleuths trying to decipher my musings and images appearing on my husband’s website is a bit disconcerting…As such, I must state again that I am not Anna and that I am sorry for the loss experienced by Anna’s family. This said, I would ask that you please refrain from posting my musings on Websleuths, looking for clues in my writings or husbands images or elsewhere.

And to the person who zeroed in on my choice of the word “purloined” in a previous post…it refers to a family incident when a written copy of my family’s geneaology was stolen from my grandmother…please don’t read more into my posts than what is there.

originally posted 7/15/06

In memory of Tasha Tudor, famed author and illustrator, August 28, 2008 has been declared Tasha Tudor Day. She has been a beloved fixture on our bookshelves since we started homeschooling. We have many of her books but Corgiville Fair and A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson (illustrated by Tasha) are two of our favorites. Her entire life enbodied a simpler, gentler way. Her stories, painted so delightfully, wove magical tales of corgis and children and family and love. So, please, won’t you join us with a cup of tea, a stroll in the garden or a reading of one of her many books as we remember a delightful woman and her life.

And if you’d like to join in by posting the above picture please visit Storybook Woods and let Clarice know

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Ah…the wonderful, fun-filled, spring ritual…buying dress shoes for two-make that three-little girls. One would think that shoes that hardly see any wear could be passed from one girl to the next. Not so in our house. Big Sis has incredibly narrow feet and Mimi has-to put it bluntly- Fred Flintsone feet (well, maybe not that bad). This always incites feelings of terror in my heart/pocketbook. Why, you ask?…Well, let me tell you. I can not purchase shoes at the normal places, you know, where they are somewhat reasonably priced…Noooo, not me…because of their hard to fit feet…my girls get to shop at Nordstrom for their shoes…the only place in town that I can find shoes that fit correctly…I tell you we practically OWN Nordstrom…just from what I’ve payed out in the last 9 years on shoes alone. Now, we are adding daughter #3…so far she is following in Mimi’s footsteps…no pun intended…she has quite possibly the fattest feet I’ve ever seen on a 19 month old. . I guess this is what happens when your Mother Hen was wearing a women’s size 9 by the time she was 13 (oh, what I wouldn’t give to squeeze my feet into size 9’s again). But, the price is not the only thing that fills my heart with dread. Have you seen the shoe styles offered up for young girls?…Helloooo, Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpson/Britney Spears. Every time I check out the shoes I am amazed that anyone would buy HIGH heels for their YOUNG (read that under-13) daughters…What ever happened to letting little girls being little girls…What is so wrong with that? Why are we so intent on making our daughters grow up before they need to? So, today we get to converge enmass in the children’s shoe dept. at Norstrom…a place where everybody knows my name…and go through the trial of trying on pair after pair of shoes…sifting through the “you’ve got to be kidding? That’s a girl’s shoe!” shoes and hopefully finding something that makes us all happy… no heels please, just nice, simple, modest shoes for nice, simple, modest LITTLE girls.

Here’s a button for my blog…courtesy of my daughter 😀

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