Restoring Wonder

Early yesterday morning as I watered my very dry potted plants I noticed a visitor to our yard: an orange and gray striped caterpillar lazily hanging out on our passion vine.  I had never seen this variety before and my interest was piqued.  However, it was Sunday morning and I needed to get myself moving to get ready for church.  Mr. Caterpillar had to wait.  He did wait until this morning; he and 5 more of his friends! Of course I called Tink and Babycakes out to see these little creatures…it is what any good homeschooling mom would do!  After our initial visit with them  I thought nothing more of Mr. Caterpillar  and his siblings until lunch time when Tink screamed,  “Mommy, come quick!  Mr. Caterpillar turned into a butterfly!!”  Of course I knew that even though Mr. C was big and fat he certainly hadn’t been ready to turn into a butterfly…the silly thing hadn’t even changed into a chrysalis yet.  So imagine my surprise when I saw this:

DSCN6065In all our oohing and ahhing over Mr. C we had completely missed seeing a chrysalis on an adjacent branch.  Mrs. B was just sitting there apparently having just recently emerged. More oohing and ahhing ensued.

Further investigation showed that Mr. C was still around.


But, I do believe he will be changing soon!  I’ll keep you updated.  For now here are a few more photos of our unexpected fall visitor:

Gulf Fritillary

Gulf Fritillary


Coram Deo,



Here we are, my little chicks and I, trying to shake off the winter doldrums that have recently descended upon us. Our freezing cold, record-setting dry January is over and done and February is starting out wet and lonely, save for the feathered folk that visit our yard daily. What we need is some lightheartedness in our day. I know we are not alone, my dear sister-in-Christ and good friend, Ann V. of Listening, has mentioned to me that her brood could do with a dose of fun in their everyday learning. But how do we provide it and what does this “fun” look like? How do we add that spark when we get lost focusing on the “must do’s” and the “hurry, hurry, hurry” of just getting through the tasks set before us?

In light of that question Ann and I decide to brainstorm a list of things that can add some fun and enjoyment to our daily lessons…and we have thought we could include all of you–surely we aren’t the only one’s suffering from this malaise…so keep watching here and at Listening for more details and possibly even a button to add to your site for all to see showing that you are experiencing the Wonder of learning!

originally posted 2/9/07